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As a purely Non-Profit Organization, Parsons Circle Community Outreach, Inc. relies on volunteers and our staff members for the entirety of the services we offer. 

We love having volunteers and new organizations to partner with, this allows us to continue to offer the top-notch services that we provide as an organization, volunteers and partners are largely the life of our efforts.

Learn How You Can Help! We Always Love Working with New Volunteers.


Giving is the spirit of Parsons Circle Community Outreach, Inc. We are a 501(c)3 Non-Profit Organization, which means we rely on generous donations to offer our services.

Not only is donating the spirit of giving, we offer multiple options to fit your specific needs. From our unique categories to one dollar at a time donations. These donations go directly to our services

Give Back with a Generous Donation that Goes Directly to the Efforts of Parson's Circle.



Community Support

Multi-Family Housing Project

Give a family the ultimate gift for Christmas, a place they can call home. By giving to our Multi-Family Housing Project. After the project is done, we will be looking to house (6) six families in our community where they can live, work and play.


Food Sustainability

PCCO Food and Sustainability Program

Support our Food and Sustainability Program at our Resource Service Center located in downtown Bushnell, where we assist and support families with online benefits, job searches, referrals and much more.



Motivating Youth

Our mission is to motivate youth throughout schools and communities regardless of their economic status or social abilities. Providing opportunities and pathways to develop and excel in sports, academics, community and life.



At Parsons Circle Community Outreach, Inc., we offer a wide array of services that are aimed at helping build our community stronger and help those who are in need, get the help they deserve. We offer the following:

Resource Service Center
SNAP Assistance
TANF Assistance
Medicaid and Medicare Assistance
Job Referrals
Educational Presentations 
Classes and Workshops
Referral Services

For More Information on How We Can Help, Contact Us Below!

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