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Mildred Milligan

Mildred Milligan is The Founder and CEO of Parsons Circle Community Outreach, Inc.  She is a native of New York where she attended school and started her family and had eight children for her husband Mr. Parsons who died in 1983 when her youngest child was only three months old. 


After settling in Bushnell, FL Mrs. Parsons AKA Ms. Milligan work various jobs to keep her family together while caring for her mother who departed this life at age 83, and her father who died at the age of 95 while continuing to care for her eight children.  Ms. Milligan has a love for people and her community and has always found joy in helping people and assisting them in finding the services that will improve their lives. 


Ms. Milligan continues to dream of building a service that will be geared towards serving her community that assist senior citizens, veterans, the youth population, and families with children.  She hopes to do this by providing programs, services, and resources with compassion, and interaction with the residents, community partners, and agencies that share her passion.

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